Frequently Asked Questions: B.F.A. Degree

What degree will I have after completing the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program?
You will receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree in Cinematic and Media Arts.

Why should I pursue a B.F.A. degree?
Not only will a B.F.A. degree from Compass College provide you with deeper knowledge, skills, and experience in the industry you want to enter, it will open more opportunities for employment and career growth.

What type of classes will I be taking?
The B.F.A. program provides you with a broader base of knowledge and the opportunity to specialize in a specific discipline. You may choose between Executive Producing, Post-Production, Story (writing), and Acting. Each concentration has a set of courses specific to advancing your knowledge in a particular area. Depending on which concentration you choose, you schedule may have room for a few electives where you can choose to take classes from a different concentration that interests you. For more information and course descriptions, please visit our College Catalog.

You keep mentioning these different "concentrations." How do I learn more about my options?
As mentioned, in the B.F.A. program, you will be able to choose a specific concentration area: Executive Producing, Post-Production, Story, or Acting. To learn more, visit our College Catalog. Course descriptions for the B.F.A. concentrations begin on page 32.

How many credits do I need to complete in order to graduate with a B.F.A. degree?
Students must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours to graduate with a B.F.A. degree. 

How many credits will I take each semester?
A full-time, accelerated student will take 60 credits during the first year, equaling approximately 22 credits the first term, 24 credits the second term, and 16 credits the third term. During the second and third years, a full-time student will take 12-16 credits per semester. Classes also are available a la carte.

How long does it take to complete the program?
This depends on whether you complete the first year (60 credits) in the 12-month track or if you extend that to the 24-month track. After you've completed the first year (in either 12 or 24 months), it will take approximately five additional semesters at a full-time pace to complete the remainder of the B.F.A. program.

Does Compass College accept transfer credits from other colleges?
Yes, on a case-by-case basis. If you previously attended another college, please have your transcripts sent to Compass College and complete and return this form to the CCCA Registrar's Office. If you have other questions, please call our Registrar's Office at 616.988.1000.

Does Compass College accept Advanced Placement (AP) class credits?
Compass College will grant credit for scores of 3, 4, or 5 on the AP tests. In order to receive credit, the student must request that the College Board send score reports to the Compass College Office of Admissions. To learn more about how credits apply, we encourage you to review our AP Equivalency Chart. If you have other questions, please call our Registrar's Office at 616.988.1000.

What is the tuition for the B.F.A. program?
Tuition information is available on our Financial Aid page or by calling the Financial Aid Office at 616.988.1000.

Is Financial Aid available?
Yes, financial aid is available. You will need to complete a FAFSA in order to allow the Financial Aid Office to put together an award package for you.

Will I be able to complete an internship as a part of the program?
Internships are granted to qualifying students in the B.F.A. program is the internship course. You will be required to complete a minimum of 135 clock hours at an internship, as well as participate in group meetings and other written coursework.