Program Objectives: A.A.S. Degree

Compass College's primary education goal is to train students in filmmaking and media arts, giving them the creative tools needed to succeed in the entertainment industry. CCCA's story-centric curriculum and instruction are integrated, project focused, and hands-on. Through this comprehensive approach, students learn and apply the process of writing and production and the elements needed to be successful in the film and media arts industry. To accomplish this, CCCA provides a variety of program objectives for our students.

Compass College's A.A.S. program provides students with the necessary competencies for entry-level employment, first, by understanding the film and media production elements, and second, by practicing the elements. Some of the skills students will learn in this program include the ability to:
- Create a film from concept to creation and provide a screening for family, friends and the general public.
- Function as a contributing member of a production team.
- Understand the relationship of filmmaking communication and culture.
- Build key relationships with class members, alumni, and professionals.
- Understand the basic requirements of each primary film department head: Writer, Executive Producer, Unit Production Manager, Director, 1st Assistant Director, Director of Photography, Gaffer, Field Sound, Art Director, and Key Grip.
- Build and practice skill sets needed for employment and further academic learning, such as:
        - Communicating and networking in a professional setting
        - Problem-solving
        - Expressing creative ideas clearly
        - Collaborating with and/or leading team members in specific tasks
        - Ability to research and confirm topics and ideas
        - Setting goals - both personal and professional
        - Appreciating ideas and opinions contributed by individuals.