Financial Aid

Compass College of Cinematic Arts is committed to providing quality education for each student enrolled in the college's program, while recognizing that the student has the primary role of successful academic progress and completion. Part of the student's success can be measured by his or her commitment to the creative training program. This commitment includes the dedication of students and their families to the responsibility of the student's educational costs. To aid the student and families in additional funding, Compass College of Cinematic Arts participates in several Federal Title IV financial assistance programs available to students who qualify.

What is Financial Aid?
Financial Aid is comprised of numerous funding sources that a student may be able to receive when enrolled in a post-secondary education institution like Compass College of Cinematic Arts. Such financial aid includes, but is not limited to: loans, grants, employment, agency funds, scholarships, and employer reimbursement. Not all students will be eligible for all types of financial aid.